About Us

SeasonTicketRights.com is an online marketplace where fans can buy and sell seat licenses for sports teams and venues.  We facilitate every transaction to ensure the safety of both the buyer and seller.  SeasonTicketRights.com is owned by STR Marketplace, which operates the world's largest set of online marketplaces for seat licenses.

STR Marketplace partners with sports teams and venues to build and operate team-branded websites where season ticket holders can sell and permanently transfer the right to their season ticket location to interested buyers.

A partnership with STR Marketplace generates revenue for the sports team or venue, increases season ticket renewals, and provides a valuable service to current and prospective season ticket holders.  

STR Marketplace is the leading authority on seat licenses and seat location rights for sports teams and venues.  Over 80,000 seat transfers have been processed through its team marketplaces with a collective transfer value of over $250 million dollars. 






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