Listing #35006

Number of Seats: 1 Aisle: No
Section: FC210 ADA Seating: No
Row: 7 Obstructed View: No
Seat Numbers: 1 - 1    
2014 Season Tickets: All tickets are available for purchase. Ticket availability is subject to change.
Seller Notes: Amenities - Best sightlines in the stadium - Roomier, cushioned seats - Access to the Field Level Club - Private, exclusive Founders Club - All-inclusive food & Beverage - Complimentary, reserved VIP parking - Opportunity to purchase seats to all other events - Exclusive invitation to team events Have a friend that would like to sell her seat which is right next to mine. We bought 2 seats as a couple. These seats are a part of the founders club, which means you receive high incentives & benefits. Like 1. your own VIP Parking with your name on it. 2. 4 meals free prior to game and all during game. 3. Free Alcoholic beverages 4. Complimentary on field passes and much more....

Total Asking Price:$313,158

Debt To Transfer: $113,157.79
Debt Per Seat: $113,157.79
Annual Payment: $10,000.00
Maturity Date: 01/03/2030
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Offer Accepted During the Season - Will Buyer Receive Tickets?
If the offer is accepted during the season or if the tickets have already been shipped to the seller for the upcoming season, we will reach agreement between you and the seller to determine whether you will purchase any of the remaining tickets from the seller. 
Information About Club Agreements
Seats in the may Club require Club Agreements. During the term of the Club Agreement, you are obligated to purchase the season tickets each year or you must transfer your Seat Licenses and Club Agreement to someone else. Club Agreements come with price protection, meaning that your season ticket price is fixed for a certain number of years, then your season ticket price cannot increase by more than a certain percentage each year.