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Baltimore Ravens, to Market Personal Seat Licenses


Baltimore Business Journal

Ryan Sharrow


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August 20, 2008

Just how badly do you want Baltimore Ravens season tickets?

The Ravens and Houston-based have expanded their partnership to include a marketplace for fans to sell their spot on the team's 3,000-member wait list for a personal seat license (PSL) at M&T Bank Stadium.

The PSLs were created to give the holder rights to buy season tickets to certain seats inside the stadium. After selling out their PSLs in 2004, the Ravens created a wait list for fans who wanting to buy season tickets. That list was capped at 3,000 members and reached in 2005.

Now members of the list can sell their spot on

PSLs are increasingly popular among NFL teams as they new stadiums online and look to help offset stadium construction expenses.

Two spots on the Ravens' PSL wait list have already been sold: No. 444 for $2,050 and No. 124 for $2,000, President Kyle Burks told the SportsBusinessJournal, a BBJ sister publication.

Spot No. 2,965 is currently being sold on the Web site for $1,000.

The partnership piggybacks a pact the two parties reached last year allowing PSL owners to sell their seat licenses to interested fans.

Since that partnership started, more than $4 million worth of PSLs have been sold on the Web site.

Currently, Ravens PSLs for sale on the Web site range between $1,800 for one and $160,000 for four.

Members of the Ravens' wait list pay initial and annual deposits that are put towards the eventual purchase of PSLs and season tickets.

Fans are still able to become a member of the wait list, although it is capped. Applicants are randomly selected yearly to join vacant opening on the list.