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By Alfred Branch Jr.

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STR Marketplace, which specializes in the resale of personal seat licenses (PSLs) and seat location rights, recently added the Philadelphia Eagles to its growing roster of teams.

The contract with the Eagles brings the company's total number of partnerships to 14, and according to STR Marketplace vice president Preston Hill, the company has handled more than $54 million worth of transfers.

"The average cost [of a seat location rights transfer] will vary significantly per team," Hill told TicketNews. "A transaction can be as low as $500 per seat to as high as more than $25,000 per seat. We have processed over 5,600 transactions, which includes almost 15,000 seats."

Among the other teams STR Marketplace has signed partnerships with include San Francisco Giants, the Indianapolis Colts, the New York Giants and Texas Motor Speedway.

The Eagles refer to their PSLs as Stadium Builder Licenses (SBLs), and the partnership calls for STR Marketplace to operate a dedicated Web site for the transactions. All transactions are verified by the Eagles, which assures fans that all purchases are authentic.

"STR Marketplace is the leader in the resale of SBLs with a proven track record of success with multiple teams and leagues," Tim McDermott, chief marketing officer for the Eagles, said in a statement. "We think fans will appreciate the option to conduct transactions in a safe and team-verified environment."

In the coming months, STR Marketplace hopes to finalize partnership deals with some National Hockey League teams, in addition to more deals with NFL teams. Several of these deals will concentrate on seat location rights marketplaces, which allow season ticket holders to sell ownership of their season tickets for all future seasons, according to Hill.