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(February 13, 2012) - The STR Marketplace has partnered with the Seattle Seahawks to provide a new service to help fans buy and sell Seahawks Charter Seat Licenses (CSLs).  STR Marketplace, the Official Seattle Seahawks Charter Seat License Marketplace, makes it safe and easy for fans to sell their CSLs or purchase CSLs from current season ticket holders.

STR Marketplace provides a safe and secure location where fans can feel comfortable selling, purchasing or transferring Charter Seat Licenses without the concerns that often exist with third-party websites.  The Seahawks are the 10th NFL franchise to partner with STR Marketplace.  STR Marketplace is the world’s largest provider of transfer marketplaces and provides this service to NFL teams, MLB teams and NASCAR venues. 

"We are pleased to partner with the Seattle Seahawks, one of the premier franchises in the NFL,” said Preston Hill, President of STR Marketplace.  "Charter Seat License holders now have one official online location to buy, sell or transfer ownership of their CSLs.  We look forward to providing a great service to Seahawks fans.”

The website provides step-by-step instructions throughout the entire process of buying and selling.  Online visitors can read about the benefits of buying and selling, learn about the simple transfer process, then view and make offers on available Charter Seat Licenses posted for sale by current season ticket holders.  Every listing and transaction is verified by the Seahawks which makes the Official Seahawks Marketplace safe and easy to use.

Benefits of STR Marketplace, Official Seattle Seahawks Charter Seat License Marketplace:

  • Post and sell your Seahawks CSLs.
  • View and purchase Seahawks CSLs from current season ticket holders.
  • Conduct transactions in a safe, secure, and team-verified environment.
The Official Seattle Seahawks Charter Seat License Marketplace is available at